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Barry Combs, Class of 1950 →  November 13, 2018

Like so many who have walked Central’s creaky halls, Combs fell in love with the limestone monolith on Dodge Street. But few know more about the building, the school and its rich history than Combs, who since leaving Central has become known as the school’s unofficial historian. Combs spent his work career in the public […]

Sally Fox, Class of 1968 →  November 13, 2018

Fox worked diligently to improve the lives of children, the poor, the disabled and other marginalized populations as a longtime state legislator in her adopted state of Vermont. Fox left Central with a strong sense of justice, pursuing a public interest law career after graduating from SUNY Buffalo law school. In 1977, she joined Vermont […]

Olive Graham, Class of 1961 →  November 13, 2018

Graham broke ground for African-Americans during a long career as a radio journalist and broadcaster. After graduating from Central and receiving bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English from UNO, Graham taught English at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. In 1981, she moved to Texas and began work as a reporter in public radio and TV. […]

Sam Johnson, Class of 1981 →  November 13, 2018

It might be hard to imagine that publication of an underground newspaper that nearly got a student suspended could be the root of a successful career. But that was just the case for comedy writer Johnson, who would become one of the twisted minds behind “Beavis and Butthead” and pen scripts for the Emmy Award-winning […]

Harry Koch, Jr., Class of 1947 →  November 13, 2018

Koch helped build one of the region’s largest independent insurance companies while also contributing much to Omaha civic life. After graduating from Princeton University, Koch commanded an artillery battery during the Korean War. Four years after returning home, he was pressed to take over the family insurance business when his father suffered a heart attack. […]

Michael & Susan Strauss Lebens, Class of 1970 →  November 13, 2018

It would be hard to find a pair of Central grads who have given back more to the school than Mike and Susan, whose generosity and leadership has impacted thousands of Central students and will countless more into the future. The two attended CHS together before going on to successful professional careers in Omaha. Susan […]

Stephen & Judith Hutton Olson, Class of 1960 →  November 13, 2018

Since their days as sweethearts at Central, Steve and Judie have teamed up to improve life in Omaha, particularly when it comes to the care and welfare of animals. Steve graduated from the NU College of Law and went on to a distinguished career with Omaha’s Fraser Stryker firm, serving in many capacities with the […]

Merle Rambo, Class of 1969 →  November 13, 2018

The architect of Central’s year-round, covered courtyard, Rambo has made his mark designing educational facilities. Design experience on sixty schools preceded Rambo returning to CHS to lead three years of planning and extensive renovations. Original District funding focused on new windows and replacing stairway restrooms. Rambo’s vision differed. Rooted in his own experiences, he prioritized […]

Jerry Slusky, Class of 1963 →  November 13, 2018

This attorney has become a pillar in Omaha’s commercial real estate community through his deep knowledge of real estate law and leadership in establishing the city’s premier annual conference on industry trends and opportunities. After graduating from UNO and then Creighton University’s law school, Slusky began a tax and real estate law practice, becoming known […]

Doris Stevens, Class of 1905 →  November 13, 2018

Stevens became one of the nation’s leading and most controversial suffragists, so passionate about women’s voting rights she was willing to picket the White House and face arrest. Stevens served as editor of The Register at what was then Omaha High. At a time few women went to college, she graduated from Oberlin, where she […]