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William Baird, Class of 1930 →  November 3, 2016

Baird’s career in law was so long and distinguished his name lives on in one of Nebraska’s largest and most prestigious law firms. Baird’s roots at both Central and in the Omaha law community ran deep. His great aunt was an early principal at then-Omaha High and the first female high school principal in Nebraska. […]

Pamela Bartling Buffett, Class of 1960 →  November 3, 2016

Pamela Bartling Buffett is a passionate advocate and supporter of a variety of causes. Motivated by a deep connection to serving mankind, Pamela is particularly drawn to social justice organizations, scholarships that connect students to an education, and improving the quality of life for people with special needs. During her time as a student, Pamela […]

Rich Chudacoff, Class of 1967 →  November 3, 2016

In the world of songwriting and music production, few can claim the kind of cross-genre success achieved by Rick Chudacoff. He’s helped to pen or produce top-selling hits in Pop, R&B, Christian and country, including co-writing the 1995 Grammy-winning “Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart.” He first broke into the music business playing with […]

Dr. E. Terence Foster, Class of 1959 →  November 3, 2016

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln colleague once referred to Foster as “a kind of engineering wizard,” citing his knowledge of the field as well as his grasp of its mathematical, physical and scientific underpinnings. That depth of knowledge certainly served Foster well as he built an outstanding career that bridged both engineering practice and education. President […]

Donald T. Fox →  November 3, 2016

“Worldly” hardly begins to describe Donald Fox, whose ability to navigate the ins and outs of international law helped him found a prominent international law firm in New York City and to work to promote human rights throughout the world. After graduating from Harvard (1951), and NYU Law School (1956), Fox attended the University of […]

Robert Goldstein, Class of 1955 →  November 3, 2016

During a visionary and pioneering advertising career, Goldstein helped turn products like Crest toothpaste, Tide detergent, Head and Shoulders shampoo and Charmin bathroom tissue into household names. Goldstein served as Procter & Gamble’s vice president of advertising for nearly a decade before his life was tragically cut short at age 50. Goldstein joined the firm […]

Aubray Wood Orduna, Class of 1965 →  November 3, 2016

Orduna for more than four decades has displayed her commitment to the nursing profession, from caring bedside to serving as the longtime dean of nursing at Omaha’s Clarkson College. After graduating from the nursing school at Murray State University in Kentucky in 1970, she practiced briefly in Pittsburgh before returning to her native Omaha in […]

Lloyd Roitstein, Class of 1964 →  November 3, 2016

Service to others is part of the Boy Scout Oath, and Lloyd Roitstein certainly took that to heart. He has been in scouting for 62 years, as a scout, volunteer leader, and 40 years as a professional scouter, including two decades leading the three-state Mid America Council headquartered in Omaha. He joined scouting at age […]

Benjamin Wiesman, Class of 1949 →  November 3, 2016

Omaha’s long tradition as a telephone call center can be traced to the work of Ben Wiesman, one of many ways the real estate developer helped build his native city. Six years after graduating from Central, Wiesman founded his first real estate company. By the late 1960s, he expanded from apartment development into commercial real […]

Clarence Wigington, Class of 1902 →  November 3, 2016

Wigington left his mark both on Omaha and his adopted home of St. Paul, Minnesota, as one of the Midwest’s first African-American architects. By the time Wigington enrolled at Central in 1898, he won three first-place drawing certificates during the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition in Omaha. Subsequently graduating in 1902, he worked for notable Omaha architect […]